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We beat competitors prices with guarantees on water heater, furnace, and heating work. We keep keep your HVAC costs down while making sure we deliver the highest quality residential and commercial solutions without over charging.

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“We provide Guaranteed Pricing against other HVAC businesses. We provide the Best Service Experience for your family, and a breath of fresh air into your home”
Paul Kula
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K&K Home Solutions offers the best installation for water heaters and furnaces. We have over 30 years of experience installing various types of HVAC equipment within the residential space and for commercial projects. We completely inspect and ensure that the ductwork in the whole home and small office spaces are running properly without any mechanical issues.


K&K Home Solutions | Owner

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K&K Home Solutions Owner, Paul Kula

Paul Kula

Over 30 Years of Experience
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K&K Home Solutions will provide fast & free quotes for residential heating, cooling, and water heater emergencies in your home.

Water Heater Repair and Maintenance

One of our specialties is offering water heater maintenance, repair, and if needed installation. our technicians will not oversell you on a larger system that will not be necessary for a residential home.

Heating & Minisplit Solutions

Heating and mini split systems will help ensure your house stays warm throughout the winter. I'm a summertime's the mini-split will ensure that you are also able to achieve cool air inside of your home as well.

Furnace Installation, Repair, & Maintenance

We are the most affordable company in the area, and we will help to repair or provide maintenance for your furnace and heating system. Sometimes the cheapest option is to go within installation for your new furnace, which will be sized properly for your home, keeping your heating bills to a minimum.

Residential Electric Heat Pump Installation

High-efficiency residential heat pumps, especially when we look at electrical heat pump installation, and repair are expertly installed by your local HVAC Home Solutions company. Let us know if you have any questions around your heat pump needs.

Best Arvada and westminster local company, K&K Home Solutions HVAC near me installation and repair for residential heater-furnace and water heater

The most affordable HVAC company in Arvada & Westminster

No homeowner in Denver Colorado, especially in the areas like Arvada and Westminster, want to replace a furnace, heater, water heater, or air conditioning unit unless it is absolutely necessary. Our technicians ensure that your home is equipped with the proper extended life of your home appliances. Our friendly and professional residential technicians make sure that we are here to save you money, with your immediate HVAC needs, as well as providing the best long-term solution for your home.

Highest Quality, Lowest Price

We provide customized solutions for Arvada and Westminster's home demands, and ensure that we are the most affordable company in the Denver Metro area.

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Frequently Asked Questions about HVAC

Do you travel to residential locations outside of Arvada and Westminster to work on HVAC repair or installations?

Yes, we do. Our company is located in Westminster and uniquely qualified to handle all of your residential and commercial HVAC needs, no matter where you're located in Denver Metro area and surrounding cities! Give us a call at (720) 705-3600 if you are needing Heating or Cooling repair or replacement service  today!

Is it possible to repair a water heater or only complete new Water Heater installations?

The best way to repair a water heater is to have an experienced technician diagnose the issues and then they can provide the repairs necessary if that is all that is needed to get your water heater working again. It is important to try and do repairs on your own because this can end up causing further problems and there are so many different factors that come into play, such as how old it might be or if you've had any leaks in the past--and even then some parts need replacing before others will actually fix what's wrong. Our team of experts have been working on water heaters for years and we can either repair the parts or if a repair isn't possible, then we can replace the old unit with a new one, or even install new plumbing if that is where the issue is coming from - hopefully all in one visit!

If I want to get a quote for my heater and furnace problems, will you come to my house to check on the problem for free?

We would be happy to come check and diagnose the issue with your heating and cooling systems for free. We know how important it is that they are running smoothly, so if you have any questions about the quote or anything else just let us know!

I have called other HVAC companies and they are all very expensive. How much do your services cost for water heater and furnace installation or repair?

We know that you want the best for your home, which is why our company provides high-quality services at competitive affordable prices. Our HVAC team can help you with water heater and furnace installation or repair and we always aim to provide the most affordable cost! We've had a lot of people call us and say they can't afford to have an HVAC company come, but we're here for you and will do our best to work within your budget. Our prices are fair; give us a call and let us know what to get a ballpark figure before we visit your home

About K&K Home Solutions HVAC Company

Paul Kula from K&K Home Solutions has been installing HVAC systems, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units across the Denver Metro area for decades. K&K Home Solutions has experience in commercial, residential, heating, cooling, and air systems of all sizes as well as various complexities of keeping the house cool for residential homeowners in need of AC repair, maintenance, and installations.

Colorado's best heating and cooling company

Here in Colorado with K&K Home Solutions, the top-rated Denver AC company, we believe that precision and friendliness are the two main components of working with homeowners who are looking to make sure their AC units are functioning properly.

How we keep the cost of your HVAC project to a minimum

One of the most important things in working with K&K Home Solutions in Arvada, Westminster, near Denver is that Paul Kula makes sure the size of the HVAC system is exactly the size that is necessary to heat and cool the house. Often times other HVAC technicians will try and oversell you on a larger unit based on various stock and supply from many of the HVAC suppliers. The size of the central air conditioner uses a measurement of tons in refrigerant which allows for greater cooling capacity in. An example is that a 3-ton system would have 3600 BTU's of cooling ability. Systems that are too small will not cool your home as it is necessary on hot days, especially in the summer heat that is found within the Denver metro area.

We are a company that is committed to keeping your costs as low as possible, while providing the necessary heating and cooling for your home.

KK Home HVAC Service Locations

Zip codes We Provide Snow Plowing Services in Arvada and Westminster

Homeowners in Arvada and Westminster know that ice and snow will wreak havoc on their house, if not properly removed throughout the winter months. The Grounds Guys provide professional services to keep your home safe from damage caused by these harsh weather conditions including provides plow service for walkways as well!

Zip Codes that we provide winter services



Arvada and Westminster Commercial Snow Removal Service Areas

Why wait until it's too late to clear your sidewalks? The Grounds Guys are here for all of your residential snow removal needs. We have experienced professionals that will Plow & Removal Arvada and Westminster's streets so you can stay warm this winter!

Arvada Neighborhoods for  snow removal services

Leyden Junction / Wallace Village, Leyden, Mount Olivet, Semper, W 72nd Ave / Quaker St, W 64th Ave / Quaker St, W 64th Ave / Eldridge St, W 86th Pky / W 84th Pl

Westminster Neighborhoods for  snow removal services

Shaw Heights, Berkley, W 104th Ave / Lowell Blvd, Federal Blvd / W 105th Dr, W 120th Ave / Frontage Rd, W 100th Ave / W 99th Ave, Federal Blvd / W 104th Ave, W 112Th Pl / W 113Th Pl, W 108th Ave / Oak St, W 108th Ave / Wadsworth Pky

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We are happy to discuss the details of your project. We will typically get back to you within 24 hours.

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K&K Home Solutions Owner, Paul Kula

Paul Kula

Over 30 Years of Experience
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