The Best HVAC Company in Westminster. Affordable, heaters, Furnace, & Water Heater Repair and installation.

The #1 Furnace, Water Heater, and AC Expert with Affordable Rates

We beat competitors prices with guarantees on water heater, furnace, and heating work. We keep keep your HVAC costs down while making sure we deliver the highest quality residential and commercial solutions without over charging.

The Best Furnace, Heating, Water Heater, & AC repair and installation Company in Westminster

Friendliest & Affordable Furnace, Water Heater & HVAC Services

Water Heater Repair and Installation Westminster

Water heater installation experts are ready to help out your house and home. Whether it's repair or new water heaters, we can help!

Furnace Installation and Repair Westminster

We are the best Furnace installation and repair in Arvada and Westminster near Denver and Boulder.

Heaters and Mini Split Systems Westminster

Mini-Split systems are the most affordable alternative to large HVAC systems.

Ventilation, Ductless and AC Westminster

Fresh air and ventilation is imperative for your house, and can be done with air ducts as well as with Ductless.

Furnace, Water Heater, and Air Conditioning Experts

Keeping your hot water running and the indoor Air temperature comfortable.

We not only take care of your needs as quickly as possible, we also work to ensure that we build lasting relationships with every one of our customers. No matter what the HVAC problem is that you are faced with in your residential home, we promise that our services will not only meet, but will also exceed your expectations that you have in working with us. We work hard to create a outstanding business relationship with you that will last for years to come.

Best Arvada and westminster local company, K&K Home Solutions HVAC near me installation and repair for residential hvac furanceBest Arvada and westminster local company, K&K Home Solutions HVAC near me installation and repair for residential electric heat pump ventilation

Friendliest Service in Westminster

Paul Kula from K&K Home Solutions has been helping Arvada & Westminster Residents for over 30 years with their HVAC needs.

K&K Home solutions air conditioning unit outside of a residential brick building in the summer
Best Arvada and westminster local company, K&K Home Solutions HVAC near me installation and repair for residential heater-furnace and water heater

The most affordable company in Westminster

It's not every day that you would need the assistance of K&K Home Solutions, but when you need Water Heater, Plumbing, Furnace and Heater repair and installation, we know that you need it done immediately. That's why the residents of Arvada and Westminster, as well as small businesses across the Denver-Boulder Front Range area trust our reputable company with our prompt repair and quality assurance that we will get you and your home back to normal in no time, this is our top priority. When we are servicing your furnace and air conditioning repairs, it's important that your air quality as well as indoor plumbing and installation are completed by licensed technician with the most reliable and affordable HVAC and water heater Solutions in Colorado.

Highest Quality, Lowest Price

We provide customized solutions for Arvada and Westminster's home demands, and ensure that we are the most affordable company in the Denver metro area.

Cities in Adams County, Colorado, United States


List of Streets in Westminster, Adams County, Colorado, United States

100th Avenue, West 80030
100th Avenue, West 80031
100th Court, West 80031
100th Drive, West 80031
100th Place, West 80031
101st Avenue, West 80030
101st Avenue, West 80031
101st Circle, West 80030
101st Circle, West 80031
101st Place 80031
101st Place, West 80031
102nd Avenue 80031
102nd Avenue, West 80030
102nd Avenue, West 80031
102nd Circle, West 80031
102nd Place, West 80031
103rd Avenue 80030
103rd Avenue, West 80030
103rd Avenue, West 80031
103rd Circle, West 80031
103rd Court 80031
103rd Court, West 80031
103rd Drive, West 80031
103rd Place 80031
103rd Place, West 80030
103rd Place, West 80031
104th Avenue, West 80030
104th Avenue, West 80031
104th Drive, West 80031
104th Place, West 80031
105th Court 80031
105th Drive, West 80031
105th Place, West 80031
105th Way, West 80031
106th Drive, West 80031
106th Place, West 80030
106th Place, West 80031
107th Avenue, West 80030
107th Avenue, West 80031
107th Circle, West 80031
107th Court, West 80031
107th Drive, West 80031
107th Loop, West 80031
107th Place 80031
107th Place, West 80031
108th Avenue, West 80030
108th Avenue, West 80031
108th Place, West 80031
109th Avenue, West 80031
109th Circle, West 80031
109th Court 80030
109th Place, West 80031
110 Avenue 80031
110th Avenue, West 80031
110th Circle, West 80030
110th Circle, West 80031
110th Court, West 80030
110th Place 80030
110th Place, West 80030
110th Place, West 80031
111th Avenue, West 80031
111th Circle, West 80031
111th Drive, West 80031
111th Loop, West 80031
111th Place, West 80031
112th Avenue, West 80031
112th Circle, West 80031
112th Court, West 80031
112th Place, West 80031
113th Avenue, West 80030
113th Avenue, West 80031
113th Court, West 80031
114th Avenue, West 80030
114th Avenue, West 80031
114th Circle 80031
114th Circle, West 80031
114th Drive, West 80031
114th Loop, West 80031
114th Place, West 80030
115th Avenue, West 80030
115th Avenue, West 80031
115th Place, West 80030
115th Place, West 80031
116th Avenue, West 80031
116th Court, West 80031
116th Lane, West 80031
116th Way, West 80031
117th Avenue, West 80031
117th Court, West 80031
117th Way, West 80031
118th Court, West 80031
118th Mews, West 80031
118th Place, West 80031
118th Way, West 80031
119th Mews, West 80031
120th Avenue, West 80030
68th Avenue, West 80030
69th Avenue, West 80030
69th Court, West 80030
69th Drive, West 80030
69th Loop, West 80030
69th Place, West 80030
70th Avenue, West 80030
70th Court, West 80030
70th Place, West 80030
71st Avenue, West 80030
71st Court, West 80030
71st Place 80030
71st Place, West 80030
71st Way, West 80030
72nd Avenue, West 80030
72nd Place, West 80030
73rd Avenue, West 80030
74th Avenue, West 80030
75th Avenue, West 80030
75th Place, West 80030
76th Avenue, West 80030
77th Avenue, West 80030
77th Drive, West 80030
77th Place, West 80030
78th Avenue, West 80030
78th Way, West 80030
79th Avenue, West 80030
80th Avenue, West 80030
80th Drive, West 80031
80th Place, West 80031
80th Way, West 80031
81st Avenue, West 80030
81st Avenue, West 80031
81st Place, West 80030
81st Place, West 80031
82nd Avenue, West 80031
82nd Place, West 80031
83rd Avenue, West 80030
83rd Avenue, West 80031
83rd Way, West 80031
84th Avenue, West 80030
84th Avenue, West 80031
85th Avenue, West 80030
85th Avenue, West 80031
86th Avenue, West 80031
87th Avenue, West 80030
87th Avenue, West 80031
87th Place, West 80030
87th Place, West 80031
88th Avenue, West 80030
88th Avenue, West 80031
88th Place, West 80030
88th Place, West 80031
88th Way, West 80030
88th Way, West 80031
89th Avenue 80031
89th Place 80031
89th Place, West 80030
89th Place, West 80031
89th Way, West 80030
89th Way, West 80031
90th Avenue, West 80030
90th Avenue, West 80031
90th Place, West 80031
90th Way, West 80031
91st Avenue, West 80030
91st Avenue, West 80031
91st Court, West 80030
91st Place 80031
92nd Avenue, West 80030
92nd Avenue, West 80031
92nd Drive, West 80031
92nd Place, West 80030
92nd Place, West 80031
93rd Avenue, West 80030
93rd Avenue, West 80031
93rd Place, West 80030
93rd Place, West 80031
94th Avenue, West 80030
94th Avenue, West 80031
94th Place, West 80031
95th Avenue 80031
95th Avenue, West 80030
95th Avenue, West 80031
95th Place, West 80031
96th Avenue, West 80030
96th Avenue, West 80031
96th Circle 80031
96th Circle, West 80031
97th Avenue, West 80030
97th Avenue, West 80031
97th Court, West 80031
97th Place, West 80031
98th Avenue 80031
98th Avenue, West 80031
98th Court, West 80031
98th Drive, West 80030
98th Place, West 80031
98th Way, West 80031
99th Avenue, West 80030
99th Avenue, West 80031
99th Circle, West 80031
99th Court, West 80031
99th Place, West 80031
Alcott Street 80030
Alcott Street 80031
Apex Lane 80031
Appleblossom Lane 80030
Arroyo Chico 80030
Arroyo Chico Road 80030
Auburn Lane 80031
Barr Lane 80031
Baylor Lane 80031
Beach Court 80030
Beach Street 80030
Beacon Way 80030
Benton Street 80030
Benton Street 80031
Berthoud Street 80030
Bradburn Boulevard 80030
Bradburn Boulevard 80031
Bradburn Drive 80030
Bradburn Drive 80031
Bryant Street 80030
Bryant Street 80031
Bryant Way 80030
Canosa Court 80030
Cedar Lane 80031
Cherry Lane 80031
Chestnut Lane 80030
Chestnut Lane 80031
Circle Drive 80031
Clay Drive 80031
Clay Street 80030
Clay Street 80031
Clemson Lane 80031
Community Pkwy 80030
Community Pkwy 80031
Concord Lane 80031
Cotton Creek Drive 80030
Cotton Creek Drive 80031
Craft Way 80030
Crescent Drive 80031
Crown Pt Drive 80031
Dale Court 80030
Decatur Court 80031
Decatur Street 80030
Decatur Street 80031
Dixon Drive 80030
Dixon Drive 80031
Eliot Circle 80030
Eliot Court 80031
Eliot Street 80030
Elk Drive 80030
Elliot Circle 80030
Elliot Street, North 80030
Federal Boulevard 80030
Federal Boulevard 80031
Fenton Court 80031
Fern Drive 80030
Gray Court 80031
Gray Street 80031
Green Court 80030
Green Court 80031
Grove Circle 80031
Grove Court 80031
Grove Lane 80031
Grove Loop 80030
Grove Loop 80031
Grove Place 80031
Grove Street 80030
Grove Street 80031
Grove Way 80030
Grove Way 80031
Harlan Court 80031
Harlan Street 80030
Harlan Street 80031
Hastings Way 80031
Hazel Court 80031
Hazel Place 80030
Hazel Place 80031
Highland Place 80030
Highland Place 80031
Hobbit Lane 80031
Hooker Court 80030
Hooker Court 80031
Hooker Court, North 80030
Hooker Place 80031
Hooker Street 80030
Hooker Street 80031
Hooker Way 80031
Hunter Street 80031
Hunter Way 80031
Hyland Greens Place 80031
Ingalls Street 80030
Ingalls Street 80031
Irving Court 80030
Irving Court 80031
Irving Court, North 80030
Irving Court, North 80031
Irving Drive 80031
Irving Street 80030
Irving Street 80031
Ithaca Way 80031
James Way 80030
Judson Street 80031
Julian Court 80030
Julian Court 80031
Julian Court, West 80031
Julian Street 80030
Julian Street 80031
Julian Way 80030
Julian Way 80031
Kassler Place 80031
Kellogg Place 80031
Kendall Street 80031
Kent Street 80031
King Circle 80031
King Court 80030
King Court 80031
King Street 80030
King Street 80031
King Way 80031
King Way, North 80031
Kings Court 80031
Knox Circle 80030
Knox Court 80030
Knox Court 80031
Knox Place 80030
la Place Court 80031
la Salle Place 80031
Lamar Street 80031
Lander Street 80031
Legacy Ridge Court 80031
Legacy Ridge Pkwy 80030
Legacy Ridge Pkwy 80031
Legacy Ridge Way 80031
Lowell Boulevard 80030
Lowell Boulevard 80031
Lowell Court 80031
Lowell Drive 80031
Lowell Way 80031
Main Street 80031
Maria Street 80030
Marshall Court 80031
Marshall Place 80030
Marshall Place 80031
Mason Circle 80031
Mc Cella Court 80030
McCoy Place 80031
Meade Circle 80031
Meade Court 80030
Meade Court 80031
Meade Loop 80031
Meade Street 80030
Meade Street 80031
Meade Way 80030
Meade Way 80031
Midnight Breeze Street 80031
Mowry Place 80031
N Elliot Street 80030
N Hooker Court 80030
N Irving Court 80030
N Irving Court 80031
N King Way 80031
N Osceola Drive 80031
N Tennyson Way 80031
Newton Court 80030
Newton Court 80031
Newton Drive 80031
Newton Place 80031
Newton Street 80030
Newton Street 80031
Newton Way 80030
Northpark Avenue 80030
Northpark Avenue 80031
Northpark Drive 80030
Northpark Drive 80031
Norwich Street 80031
Norwich Way 80030
Norwich Way 80031
Oakwood Drive 80030
Oakwood Drive 80031
Oakwood Street 80030
Oakwood Street 80031
Odessa Street, South 80031
Orchard Court 80030
Osceola Court 80031
Osceola Drive 80031
Osceola Drive, North 80031
Osceola Loop 80031
Osceola Street 80030
Osceola Street 80031
Patton Court 80031
Perry Court 80031
Perry Place 80030
Perry Street 80030
Perry Street 80031
Perry Way 80030
Perry Way 80031
Pierce Street 80030
Pratt Place 80031
Pratt Street 80031
Princeton Street 80031
Quigley Street 80031
Quitman Place 80031
Quitman Street 80030
Quitman Street 80031
Quitman Way 80030
Quitman Way 80031
Raleigh Court 80031
Raleigh Place 80030
Raleigh Place 80031
Raleigh Street 80030
Raleigh Street 80031
Rutgers Court 80031
Rutgers Street 80031
S Odessa Street 80031
Seton Court 80031
Seton Place 80031
Seton Street 80031
Shaw Boulevard 80030
Shaw Boulevard 80031
Sheldon Avenue 80030
Sheridan Boulevard 80030
Sheridan Boulevard 80031
Skyline Drive 80030
State Highway 128 80030
State Highway 95 80030
State Highway 95 80031
Stratford Lakes Drive 80030
Stratford Lakes Drive 80031
Stuart Circle 80030
Stuart Circle 80031
Stuart Court 80031
Stuart Place 80030
Stuart Place 80031
Stuart Street 80030
Stuart Street 80031
Tennyson Court 80030
Tennyson Court 80031
Tennyson Place 80031
Tennyson Street 80030
Tennyson Street 80031
Tennyson Way 80031
Tennyson Way, North 80031
Trojan Court 80031
Turnpike Drive 80030
Turnpike Drive 80031
US Highway 287 80030
US Highway 287 80031
Utica Court 80031
Utica Street 80030
Utica Street 80031
Utica Way 80031
Vrain Court 80031
Vrain Drive 80031
Vrain Street 80030
Vrain Street 80031
W 100th Avenue 80030
W 100th Avenue 80031
W 100th Court 80031
W 100th Drive 80031
W 100th Place 80031
W 101st Avenue 80030
W 101st Avenue 80031
W 101st Circle 80030
W 101st Circle 80031
W 101st Place 80031
W 102nd Avenue 80030
W 102nd Avenue 80031
W 102nd Circle 80031
W 102nd Place 80031
W 103rd Avenue 80030
W 103rd Avenue 80031
W 103rd Circle 80031
W 103rd Court 80031
W 103rd Drive 80031
W 103rd Place 80030
W 103rd Place 80031
W 104th Avenue 80030
W 104th Avenue 80031
W 104th Drive 80031
W 104th Place 80031
W 105th Drive 80031
W 105th Place 80031
W 105th Way 80031
W 106th Drive 80031
W 106th Place 80030
W 106th Place 80031
W 107th Avenue 80030
W 107th Avenue 80031
W 107th Circle 80031
W 107th Court 80031
W 107th Drive 80031
W 107th Loop 80031
W 107th Place 80031
W 108th Avenue 80030
W 108th Avenue 80031
W 108th Place 80031
W 109th Avenue 80031
W 109th Circle 80031
W 109th Place 80031
W 110th Avenue 80031
W 110th Circle 80030
W 110th Circle 80031
W 110th Court 80030
W 110th Place 80030
W 110th Place 80031
W 111th Avenue 80031
W 111th Circle 80031
W 111th Drive 80031
W 111th Loop 80031
W 111th Place 80031
W 112th Avenue 80031
W 112th Circle 80031
W 112th Court 80031
W 112th Place 80031
W 113th Avenue 80030
W 113th Avenue 80031
W 113th Court 80031
W 114th Avenue 80030
W 114th Avenue 80031
W 114th Circle 80031
W 114th Drive 80031
W 114th Loop 80031
W 114th Place 80030
W 115th Avenue 80030
W 115th Avenue 80031
W 115th Place 80030
W 115th Place 80031
W 116th Avenue 80031
W 116th Court 80031
W 116th Lane 80031
W 116th Way 80031
W 117th Avenue 80031
W 117th Court 80031
W 117th Way 80031
W 118th Court 80031
W 118th Mews 80031
W 118th Place 80031
W 118th Way 80031
W 119th Mews 80031
W 120th Avenue 80030
W 68th Avenue 80030
W 69th Avenue 80030
W 69th Court 80030
W 69th Drive 80030
W 69th Loop 80030
W 69th Place 80030
W 70th Avenue 80030
W 70th Court 80030
W 70th Place 80030
W 71st Avenue 80030
W 71st Court 80030
W 71st Place 80030
W 71st Way 80030
W 72nd Avenue 80030
W 72nd Place 80030
W 73rd Avenue 80030
W 74th Avenue 80030
W 75th Avenue 80030
W 75th Place 80030
W 76th Avenue 80030
W 77th Avenue 80030
W 77th Drive 80030
W 77th Place 80030
W 78th Avenue 80030
W 78th Way 80030
W 79th Avenue 80030
W 80th Avenue 80030
W 80th Drive 80031
W 80th Place 80031
W 80th Way 80031
W 81st Avenue 80030
W 81st Avenue 80031
W 81st Place 80030
W 81st Place 80031
W 82nd Avenue 80031
W 82nd Place 80031
W 83rd Avenue 80030
W 83rd Avenue 80031
W 83rd Way 80031
W 84th Avenue 80030
W 84th Avenue 80031
W 85th Avenue 80030
W 85th Avenue 80031
W 86th Avenue 80031
W 87th Avenue 80030
W 87th Avenue 80031
W 87th Place 80030
W 87th Place 80031
W 88th Avenue 80030
W 88th Avenue 80031
W 88th Place 80030
W 88th Place 80031
W 88th Way 80030
W 88th Way 80031
W 89th Place 80030
W 89th Place 80031
W 89th Way 80030
W 89th Way 80031
W 90th Avenue 80030
W 90th Avenue 80031
W 90th Place 80031
W 90th Way 80031
W 91st Avenue 80030
W 91st Avenue 80031
W 91st Court 80030
W 92nd Avenue 80030
W 92nd Avenue 80031
W 92nd Drive 80031
W 92nd Place 80030
W 92nd Place 80031
W 93rd Avenue 80030
W 93rd Avenue 80031
W 93rd Place 80030
W 93rd Place 80031
W 94th Avenue 80030
W 94th Avenue 80031
W 94th Place 80031
W 95th Avenue 80030
W 95th Avenue 80031
W 95th Place 80031
W 96th Avenue 80030
W 96th Avenue 80031
W 96th Circle 80031
W 97th Avenue 80030
W 97th Avenue 80031
W 97th Court 80031
W 97th Place 80031
W 98th Avenue 80031
W 98th Court 80031
W 98th Drive 80030
W 98th Place 80031
W 98th Way 80031
W 99th Avenue 80030
W 99th Avenue 80031
W 99th Circle 80031
W 99th Court 80031
W 99th Place 80031
W Julian Court 80031
W92nd Avenue 80031
Wagner Court 80030
Wagner Court 80031
Wagner Drive 80030
Wagner Drive 80031
Wagner Lane 80031
Wagner Street 80031
Westminster Boulevard 80030
Westminster Boulevard 80031
Westminster Place 80030
Wiley Circle 80031
Wilson Court 80030
Winona Court 80030
Winona Court 80031
Winona Street 80030
Winona Street 80031
Wolcott Lane 80031
Wolff Court 80030
Wolff Court 80031
Wolff Street 80030
Wolff Street 80031
Wolff Way 80031
Wyman Way 80030
Xavier Circle 80030
Xavier Court 80030
Xavier Court 80031
Xavier Drive 80031
Xavier Street 80030
Xavier Street 80031
Xavier Way 80030
Xavier Way 80031
Yates Court 80030
Yates Court 80031
Yates Drive 80031
Yates Street 80030
Yates Street 80031
Yates Way 80031
Zenobia Circle 80030
Zenobia Circle 80031
Zenobia Court 80030
Zenobia Court 80031
Zenobia Loop 80030
Zenobia Loop 80031
Zenobia Place 80030
Zenobia Street 80030

Driving Directions For K&K Home Solutions
in Westminster, CO


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K&K Home Solutions Owner, Paul Kula

Paul Kula

Over 30 Years of Experience
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K&K Home Solutions will provide fast & free quotes for residential heating, cooling, and water heater emergencies in your home.

Water Heater Repair and Maintenance Westminster

One of our specialties is offering water heater maintenance, repair, and if needed installation. our technicians will not oversell you on a larger system that will not be necessary for a residential home.

Heating & Minisplit Solutions Westminster

Heating and mini split systems will help ensure your house stays warm throughout the winter. I'm a summertime's the mini-split will ensure that you are also able to achieve cool air inside of your home as well.

Furnace Installation, Repair, & Maintenance Westminster

We are the most affordable company in the area, and we will help to repair or provide maintenance for your furnace and heating system. Sometimes the cheapest option is to go within installation for your new furnace, which will be sized properly for your home, keeping your heating bills to a minimum.

Residential Electric Heat Pump Installation Westminster

High-efficiency residential heat pumps, especially when we look at electrical heat pump installation, and repair are expertly installed by your local HVAC Home Solutions company. Let us know if you have any questions around your heat pump needs.

About K&K Home Solutions HVAC Company

Paul Kula from K&K Home Solutions has been installing HVAC systems, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units across the Denver Metro area for decades. K&K Home Solutions has experience in commercial, residential, heating, cooling, and air systems of all sizes as well as various complexities of keeping the house cool for residential homeowners in need of AC repair, maintenance, and installations.

Colorado's best heating and cooling company

Here in Colorado with K&K Home Solutions, the top-rated Denver AC company, we believe that precision and friendliness are the two main components of working with homeowners who are looking to make sure their AC units are functioning properly.

How we keep the cost of your HVAC project to a minimum

One of the most important things in working with K&K Home Solutions in Arvada, Westminster, near Denver is that Paul Kula makes sure the size of the HVAC system is exactly the size that is necessary to heat and cool the house. Often times other HVAC technicians will try and oversell you on a larger unit based on various stock and supply from many of the HVAC suppliers. The size of the central air conditioner uses a measurement of tons in refrigerant which allows for greater cooling capacity in. An example is that a 3-ton system would have 3600 BTU's of cooling ability. Systems that are too small will not cool your home as it is necessary on hot days, especially in the summer heat that is found within the Denver metro area.

We are a company that is committed to keeping your costs as low as possible, while providing the necessary heating and cooling for your home.

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K&K Home Solutions Owner, Paul Kula

Paul Kula

Over 30 Years of Experience
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More about K&K Home Solutions and the Areas & Locations We Serve

K&K Home Solutions is the top HVAC company across the Denver, Boulder, Aurora, and Metro Front Range. The locations we serve are: Westminster, Arvada, Broomfield, Wheat Ridge, Thornton, Denver, Boulder. Many of the locations that are near us include: Lamar Heights, Interlocken, Sherrelwood, Federal Heights, Commerce City, West Central Westminster, Club Crest, Arvada Plaza Area, Fruitdale, Applewood villages, Ralston valley.

K&K Home Solutions near Cinzzetti’s Italian Market Restaurant in Federal Heights, Colorado
See Location & Directions

Cinzzetti’s Italian Market Restaurant is a short 20 minute drive from K&K Home Solutions. This family-friendly all you can eat location in Federal Heights, had the temperature on their thermostat set to a comfortable indoor temp. The HVAC was behind the crepe station and you can’t even hear the cool air flowing through the restaurant. There is nothing like a breath of fresh air when you smell the aroma in this Tuscan village restaurant near Arvada and Westminster.

KK Home Solutions Near Standley lake Regional park and wildlife refuge

See Location & Directions

Standley lake Regional Park and Wildlife Refuge id just a short drive to the west from K&K Home Solutions. This amazing and stunningly beautiful family-friendly recreational park is centered around the reservoir, where you can do different kinds of boating, such as paddle boarding and Kayaking. There are rental fees involved. You can also fish and there are tons of areas for great bird watching. The wildlife is really amazing here, you can see pelicans, cranes and many other types of birds and lots of butterflies. There are grills available to meet up with friends for a barbeque and they even have camping options available. They also offer nature programs, so it is a great place to take your kids to learn and play.

KK Home Solutions Near Adventure Golf and Raceway

See Location & Directions

Adventure Golf and Raceway is just north of K&K Home Solutions. This is a fantastic place to go with the family for amazing miniature golf courses, go karts and bumper cars. You can choose from 3 different super unique 18 hole mini-golf courses, each of the courses have tons of adventurous holes to play with water features, volcanoes that explode with real fire, old buildings, castles with dragons, and so much more. At night everything is all lit up with lights and looks amazing! The Go-Karts are so much fun if you want to drive fast and race your friends and they also have bumper cars. They do offer food and drinks for when the kids get hungry. It’s a great place for family entertainment.

KK Home Solutions Near Boondocks Food & Fun:Northglenn

See Location & Directions

Boondocks Food & Fun:Northglenn is just a quick drive northeast from K&K Home Solutions. This is a family fun center for all ages. There is bowling, laser tag, an arcade, two different mini golf courses, outdoor go Karts both for smaller kids and bigger kids/adults, water bumper cars, and a huge climbing activity area that you also zipline down from. There is also a restaurant  that has a pretty wide range of good food and drinks for the whole family to enjoy. They have great package deals to have as much fun as you want for the best deal and it’s a great place to have a special occasion like a birthday party.

KK Home Solutions Near EB Raines Jr. Memorial Park
See Location & Directions

EB Raines Jr. Memorial Park is located just17 minutes north of K&K Home Solutions. This lovely and popular park is located right off I-25 and you can stroll all the way around a lovely lake and enjoy the views or take a pedal boat out for a spin. This park is made up of 28 acres and tons of grassy areas, athletic fields, plus a skate park and fun playground area for kids. There are great places to have a family barbeque, with picnic tables and a pavilion and let the kids splash and play at the park. This park also hosts a ton of great events such as Pirate Fest, Magic Fest, July 4th Festival, Family campout, Derby day and they have summer movie and concert events as well. This park is a “must-hang-out at” kind of park.

KK Home Solutions Near Northwest Open Space
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Northwest Open Space is a short distance from K&K Home Solutions. This stunning 83 acres has wonderful trails for walking, biking and running. There are great soccer fields and it has a whole athletic complex that is available year round for football, cross country, baseball and softball. It's nestled in with the Oscar Arnold Nature Area which has lovely wooded areas with cattails, cottonwoods, and marshy wetland plants that make for a perfect oasis for wildlife. If you are into watching many varieties of wildlife species, this is an amazing place to see foxes, coyotes, hawks, fish, owls, pheasants and also sorts of different birds. There is a soothing stream as well where people fish and just sit and enjoy the evenings. There are picnic tables available and a playground for the kids to play at.