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We are the leading provider of emergency home comfort AC services, K&K team is available 24/7 to help you get back on track and feeling cool again!

Air Conditioning new Installation

Our most affordable solution for the long term needs for your home. AC repair is often possible, but to ensure the decreased cost associated with heating and cooling bills, often times, the new install of an AC unit is the best option.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your air conditioning system is a major component in your home's overall comfort. It needs regular maintenance to work well. Depending on the age of the AC unit, also has an effect on how many years you can expect that equipment perform its task effectively- which depends largely upon who performs the tasks at hand and making sure that an HVAC expert is coming to service the unit each year!

Basic Homeowner A/C Maintenance

Cleaning your air filter is the number one thing every homeowner needs to make sure they do, and it's also important that it's a regularly scheduled task. It will keep dirt from building up on inside of them which can cause major problems with Allergies in homes and if not regularly replaced can cause the AC unit not to work well and then will need to be repaired by a HVAC expert that can be costly.

Cooling & Minisplit Solutions

We don't just help with your AC cooling systems, we can make it easier for you to do both with a Minisplit system! We have unique solutions that will suit your needs when you don't have an AC unit. Minisplit systems don't need ductwork and can supply cool air to specific areas in your home. We can help with the cooling as well as providing a mini-split solution so there is no need for an air conditioner during hot summer months or when it's very cold outside. They are smaller in size and can heat and cool as needed.

Frequently HVAC and Air Conditioning Questions

Do you provide tankless water heater installation and repair?

Yes we absolutely provide tankless water heater repair, water heater maintenance, as well as tankless water heater installation. we are the best company in Arvada, Westminster, and Lakewood surrounding the Boulder and Denver Front Range area. Tankless water heaters are usually the best option for people who want to enjoy a long shower without running out of hot water. The warm water that comes from your tankless water heater will be fired using natural gas or propane, depending on whether you live inside of the Douglas County city limits, Jefferson County, or are further out in the mountains where your water heater uses propane. if you are in need of help for a tankless water heater or traditional water heater installation, K&K Home Solutions is the best company in your area with the most affordable pricing in comparison to other plumbing HVAC and technicians.

Is a ductless mini split worth it?

The upfront cost of installing a ductless Mini Split AC system is worth it. Not only do you save money but also lower operating costs than central AC. These systems are a good investment for many commercial structures as well! These ductless systems allow for spot heating and cooling and they are smaller in size. If you have any questions or concerns about the price arise during installation contact us for an estimate at no charge.

How do I know if my air conditioner needs to be replaced?

If you're noticing that your air conditioner is not as cold or making very little difference to the temperature in your home, it may be time for a replacement. The first sign of impending failure could also mean higher electricity bills and discomfort during hot weather season because there will likely never again feel cool enough inside even when working appliances are turned off at night!

More about K&K Home Solutions and the Areas & Locations We Serve

K&K Home Solutions is the top HVAC company across the Denver, Boulder, Aurora, and Metro Front Range. The locations we serve are: Westminster, Arvada, Broomfield, Wheat Ridge, Thornton, Denver, Boulder. Many of the locations that are near us include: Lamar Heights, Interlocken, Sherrelwood, Federal Heights, Commerce City, West Central Westminster, Club Crest, Arvada Plaza Area, Fruitdale, Applewood villages, Ralston valley.

K&K Home Solutions near Cinzzetti’s Italian Market Restaurant in Federal Heights, Colorado
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Cinzzetti’s Italian Market Restaurant is a short 20 minute drive from K&K Home Solutions. This family-friendly all you can eat location in Federal Heights, had the temperature on their thermostat set to a comfortable indoor temp. The HVAC was behind the crepe station and you can’t even hear the cool air flowing through the restaurant. There is nothing like a breath of fresh air when you smell the aroma in this Tuscan village restaurant near Arvada and Westminster.

KK Home Solutions Near Standley lake Regional park and wildlife refuge

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Standley lake Regional Park and Wildlife Refuge id just a short drive to the west from K&K Home Solutions. This amazing and stunningly beautiful family-friendly recreational park is centered around the reservoir, where you can do different kinds of boating, such as paddle boarding and Kayaking. There are rental fees involved. You can also fish and there are tons of areas for great bird watching. The wildlife is really amazing here, you can see pelicans, cranes and many other types of birds and lots of butterflies. There are grills available to meet up with friends for a barbeque and they even have camping options available. They also offer nature programs, so it is a great place to take your kids to learn and play.

KK Home Solutions Near Adventure Golf and Raceway

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Adventure Golf and Raceway is just north of K&K Home Solutions. This is a fantastic place to go with the family for amazing miniature golf courses, go karts and bumper cars. You can choose from 3 different super unique 18 hole mini-golf courses, each of the courses have tons of adventurous holes to play with water features, volcanoes that explode with real fire, old buildings, castles with dragons, and so much more. At night everything is all lit up with lights and looks amazing! The Go-Karts are so much fun if you want to drive fast and race your friends and they also have bumper cars. They do offer food and drinks for when the kids get hungry. It’s a great place for family entertainment.

KK Home Solutions Near Boondocks Food & Fun:Northglenn

See Location & Directions

Boondocks Food & Fun:Northglenn is just a quick drive northeast from K&K Home Solutions. This is a family fun center for all ages. There is bowling, laser tag, an arcade, two different mini golf courses, outdoor go Karts both for smaller kids and bigger kids/adults, water bumper cars, and a huge climbing activity area that you also zipline down from. There is also a restaurant  that has a pretty wide range of good food and drinks for the whole family to enjoy. They have great package deals to have as much fun as you want for the best deal and it’s a great place to have a special occasion like a birthday party.

KK Home Solutions Near EB Raines Jr. Memorial Park
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EB Raines Jr. Memorial Park is located just17 minutes north of K&K Home Solutions. This lovely and popular park is located right off I-25 and you can stroll all the way around a lovely lake and enjoy the views or take a pedal boat out for a spin. This park is made up of 28 acres and tons of grassy areas, athletic fields, plus a skate park and fun playground area for kids. There are great places to have a family barbeque, with picnic tables and a pavilion and let the kids splash and play at the park. This park also hosts a ton of great events such as Pirate Fest, Magic Fest, July 4th Festival, Family campout, Derby day and they have summer movie and concert events as well. This park is a “must-hang-out at” kind of park.

KK Home Solutions Near Northwest Open Space
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Northwest Open Space is a short distance from K&K Home Solutions. This stunning 83 acres has wonderful trails for walking, biking and running. There are great soccer fields and it has a whole athletic complex that is available year round for football, cross country, baseball and softball. It's nestled in with the Oscar Arnold Nature Area which has lovely wooded areas with cattails, cottonwoods, and marshy wetland plants that make for a perfect oasis for wildlife. If you are into watching many varieties of wildlife species, this is an amazing place to see foxes, coyotes, hawks, fish, owls, pheasants and also sorts of different birds. There is a soothing stream as well where people fish and just sit and enjoy the evenings. There are picnic tables available and a playground for the kids to play at.